“Studying the building blocks of life allows us to serve the health of our species and our planet.”David Haussler

Our Mission

Leading the genomic frontier collaboratively, openly, and ethically


We thrive on being audacious and asking the hard questions.

What if doctors could
employ more intelligent
diagnostics and cure
people more quickly?

What if understanding the genetic
underpinnings of biodiversity
helped conserve species?

The UC Santa Cruz
Genomics Institute is
empowering scientists all
over the world to answer
these questions and more.

Our goals • We provide the organizing framework, focus, and leadership for the next great leap in the science of genomics. To carry out our goals, we will:

Accelerate the power of the global research community to solve today’s intractable health problems

Lead the national and international effort to break down institutional silos where genomic information is now isolated

Enable the secure access and analysis of genomic data on a global open-source federated network

Tackle head-on the most fundamental societal questions evoked by the advent of genomics technology

As always, all that we learn and create we will openly share with the world. We are a public institution dedicated to creating a healthier world and a healthier society.

Co-founding the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health is just the latest milestone in a long history of UCSC leadership in the field of genomics.