Unraveling Evolutionary Patterns

We are using genomics to uncover clues about species extinction, to learn how to save vulnerable populations and to see what this teaches us about our future on earth.

Identifying the Underpinnings of Disease

Diseases like cancer have a unique genetic signature that can be digitized, deconstructed and compared with healthy biology. It’s a clinical problem with a computer science solution.

Uniting Global Communities

We have led the effort to define genomics data-sharing standards by co-founding the GA4GH, with more than 450 organizational members from more than 40 countries

Platforms for Life-Saving Treatments

We can match individual tumor RNA with tumors in the largest public cancer genome database in the world — uncovering potential treatment options for patients with “incurable” cancer.

We are … Unlocking life.

Welcome to the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute

BRCA Exchange: Data Sharing for the Benefit of Science and Medicine

BRCA Challenge: BRCA Exchange as a global resource for variants in BRCA1 and BRCA2.

Article | PLoS Genetics| Published: 26 Dec 2018 Cline MS, Liao RG, Parsons MT, Paten B, Alquaddoomi F, Antoniou A, Baxter S, Brody L, Cook-Deegan R, Coffin A, Couch FJ, Craft B, Currie R, Dlott CC, Dolman L, den Dunnen JT, Dyke SOM, Domchek SM, Easton D, Fischmann Z,...

Colligan Presidential Chair In Pediatric Genomics Reception and Investiture Ceremony

  • Schedule:
    4–5 p.m. Reception
    5–6 p.m. Ceremony
  • Location: UC Santa Cruz University Center, Bhojwani Dining Room

    Light refreshments will be served.
    Complimentary parking will be available in the Barn Theater parking lot. Continuous shuttle service will be available from the Barn Theater parking lot to the University Center.

    Kindly register by February 11, 2019.

    The Colligan Presidential Chair in Pediatric Genomics has an initial focus to advance efforts to share genomic data to defeat childhood cancer. Olena Morozova Vaske, assistant professor of molecular, cell, and developmental biology has received the first appointment to the chair.

“The Genomics Institute has been coming up with approaches to treating pediatric cancer that have never been tried before.”

– John “Bud” and Rebecca Colligan, who established the Colligan Presidential Chair