The Genomics Institute extends a very warm welcome to our newest faculty affiliates, Carol Greider, Professor of MCD Biology; Upasna Sharma, Assistant Professor of MCD Biology; and Ali Shariati, Assistant Professor, Biomolecular Engineering.

Additionally, we are very happy to welcome our newest faculty associate director, Lars Fehren-Schmitz, Associate Professor, UCSC Department of Anthropology. Fehren-Schmitz’s work in the Human Paleogenomics lab looks at the twin forces of culture and biology in shaping human genomic diversity, demography and health.

Carol Greider is a 2009 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine for work on telomeres and telomerase. Greider established her laboratory in 2020 at the University of California Santa Cruz where her research group studies fundamental mechanisms of telomere length regulation. The newest issue of UC Santa Cruz Magazine provides a wonderful portrait of Greider which you can read here:

Upasna Sharma’s research studies the process by which our experiences and lifestyle influence health and longevity in future generations. Such inheritance, known as epigenetic inheritance, is thought to be mediated by factors that change how genes are expressed.

Ali Shariati’s research aims to understand how stem cells decide to choose between two conflicting fates: division versus differentiation. He uses emerging genome-editing technologies with single cell imaging to determine regulatory principles of cell fate decisions. 

Read more about our newest faculty affiliates here and our newest faculty associate director here.