Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative: Olena Morozova
Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative Founder and Scientific Lead Olena Morozova discusses the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative mission to defeat every child’s cancer by harnessing and sharing the world’s genomic data

Nanopipette technology
Dr. Nader Pourmand and his team of physicists, bio-engineers, chemists and biologists, at UC Santa Cruz, developed a new technology in single cell analysis. This cutting edge technology was one of 5 prizewinners in a competition initiated by National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Dockstore is a platform enabling modular sharing of Docker-based genomics tools and workflows within the research community. It conforms to emerging Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) API standards, making it easier to find and execute genomics tools and workflows in a wide range of commercial and open source platforms. Visit

BRCA Exchange is a comprehensive, global data repository to catalogue variation within the BRCA genes and to collect individual-level evidence for their classification.

Beth Shapiro, Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate on De-Extinction moderated by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Jim Kent, The UCSC Genome Browser

A short video on David Haussler shown at the 2015 Dan David Prize Award Ceremony

Ed Green, Understanding Human Evolution

Treehouse Childhood Cancer Project, A video explaining the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Project

Benedict Paten: Finding the Common Ancestor of Birds and Crocodilians

Benedict Paten: Building the Global Platform for Genomics

CSHL Keynote; David Haussler, University of California, Santa Cruz Genomics Institute

David Haussler, 2015 Dan David Prize Laureate

A short video on David Haussler shown at the 2015 Dan David Prize Award Ceremony

David Haussler, University of California Santa Cruz – Stanford Big Data 2015

Bringing together thought leaders in large-scale data analysis and technology to transform the way we diagnose, treat and prevent disease.

Molecular Characterization for Diagnoses and Treatment

David Haussler, UC Santa Cruz Computational Cancer Biology