Human Genome Symposium: Francis Collins                                          In 1985 a group of eminent scientists came to UC Santa Cruz to discuss a vision that would become the Human Genome Project. Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, shares the latest information on this project.

Human Genome Symposium: Panel Discussion
In 1985 a group of eminent scientists came to UC Santa Cruz to discuss a vision that would become the Human Genome Project.

David Haussler TedEx
Dr. David Haussler shares the compelling story about the race between private and public entities to complete the first DNA sequencing of the human genome. What is the significance of providing the world with the first open source sequenced genome and the accompanying Genome Browser tool? Only the opportunity for scientists and medical professionals around the globe to collaborate in ways that are producing gene therapies previously thought impossible… and more.

New Genetic Clues to the Mystery of Your Giant Brain
Big-brained scientists have found the mechanism that may have allowed their brains (and all humans’) to get so big.

Hosted by: Stefan Chin

Introducing: The Nanopipette
Dr. Nader Pourmand and a team of physicists, bio-engineers, chemists and biologists at UC Santa Cruz, developed a new technology in single cell analysis. This cutting edge technology was one of 5 prizewinners in a competition initiated by National Institutes of Health.

The Science and Justice Research Center (SJRC) is a globally unique endeavor that brings questions of justice into the very heart of science. Ecological destruction, data justice, and growing inequalities in a technological world are complicated issues that require diverse knowledges and insights. The Center gathers social scientists, humanists, engineers, physical and biological scientists, and artists to collaborate and respond to these complex and core concerns of these times.

Brooks Lab Giving Day 2018
Please donate through the UC Santa Cruz giving day website:… 7-8am or anytime on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Daniel Kim’s Lab Professor Daniel Kim’s Lab at UC Santa Cruz is developing innovative ‘liquid biopsy’ approaches to detect cancer at the earliest stages, when it is most likely to be cured.

Kraw Lecture Series: Making Precision Medicine Personal for Kids UC Santa Cruz’s Treehouse Cancer Initiative faculty and researchers discuss how researchers and doctors are giving new hope to kids with cancer using big data genomics. Featuring David Haussler,
Olena Morozova, Lauren Sanders, and Isabel Bjork.

UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute San Diego Supercomputer Center
Unlocking the world’s genomic data to accelerate medical and scientific breakthroughs.

Sequencing Ancient DNA
UC Santa Cruz Scientists, Beth Shapiro and Ed Green use DNA sequencing to transcribe the history of ancient species, unlocking answers to evolutionary questions that could one day help us to adapt to present day changes.

In Depth: Olena Morozova, Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative
Santa Cruz Economic Development’s Amanda Rotella sat down with UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute’s Olena Morozova and David Haussler to learn more about the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative. Treehouse is working to better understand and better treat cancer in children.

Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative: Olena Morozova
Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative Founder and Scientific Lead Olena Morozova discusses the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative mission to defeat every child’s cancer by harnessing and sharing the world’s genomic data

Dockstore is a platform enabling modular sharing of Docker-based genomics tools and workflows within the research community. It conforms to emerging Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) API standards, making it easier to find and execute genomics tools and workflows in a wide range of commercial and open source platforms. Visit

BRCA Exchange is a comprehensive, global data repository to catalogue variation within the BRCA genes and to collect individual-level evidence for their classification.

Beth Shapiro, Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate on De-Extinction moderated by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Jim Kent, The UCSC Genome Browser

A short video on David Haussler shown at the 2015 Dan David Prize Award Ceremony

Ed Green, Understanding Human Evolution

Treehouse Childhood Cancer Project, A video explaining the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Project

Benedict Paten: Finding the Common Ancestor of Birds and Crocodilians

Benedict Paten: Building the Global Platform for Genomics

CSHL Keynote; David Haussler, University of California, Santa Cruz Genomics Institute

David Haussler, 2015 Dan David Prize Laureate

A short video on David Haussler shown at the 2015 Dan David Prize Award Ceremony

David Haussler, University of California Santa Cruz – Stanford Big Data 2015

Bringing together thought leaders in large-scale data analysis and technology to transform the way we diagnose, treat and prevent disease.

Molecular Characterization for Diagnoses and Treatment

David Haussler, UC Santa Cruz Computational Cancer Biology