UCSC researcher awarded grant for gene variant data exchange expansion

In November 2020, we announced an effort led at UCSC by genomics research scientist Melissa Cline in collaboration with the patient advocacy nonprofit No Stomach For Cancer to release a web portal designed to help researchers identify individuals at risk of heritable stomach cancers. Cline recently won an award of $150,000 from the National Cancer Institute to fuel this effort.

Cline’s work focuses on approaches to sharing data while ensuring patient privacy in order to better understand our genetics and better manage risk of inherited disease. Cline leads a team developing the BRCA Exchange, which is pioneering methods to share genetic data safely in order to eliminate Variants of Unknown Significance.

Read about the project: https://ucscgenomics.soe.ucsc.edu/uc-santa-cruz-teams-up-pools-data-to-fight-stomach-cancer/