Sequencing all the vertebrates on Earth is a big job that requires many techniques. 150 scientists at 50 institutions in 12 countries are involved. More can join. And: labs do not need to be VGP members to use VGP data.

Vivien Marx | Feb 03, 2019

With colleagues around the world, scientists in the Genome 10K Consortium have launched the Vertebrate Genomes Project (VGP) to sequence all vertebrates. On this page are text, animation, podcasts, video about the VGP. Some aspects are also described in this Nature Methods technology news feature and in this editorial in Nature Biotechnology. The Genome 10K Consortium plans to sequence all vertebrates on the planet. That’s 66,000 species. There may be even more species of vertebrates. The assembled genomes are to be near error-free, reference-grade sequences.