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U.S. Push to Find Covid Variants Remains Piecemeal, Disconnected

Milestones in Genomic Sequencing

Filling in the gaps telomere to telomere

UCSC gears up to to begin search for COVID-19 variants in Santa Cruz County

Scientists call for fully open sharing of coronavirus genome data

We’re on the hunt for COVID-19 genomes to end the pandemic

COVID-19 Mutations and You

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Share pandemic sequences openly and fast

Share pandemic sequences openly and fast

Nature | David Haussler, Max Haeussler, Angie Hinrichs, Russell Corbett-Detig & Isabel Bjork | March 3, 2021 We agree that urgent research on SARS-CoV-2 sequence data is being slowed by antiquated regulations and those who put data ownership and priority over the...

UCSC expands COVID-19 testing during surge to support community needs

UCSC expands COVID-19 testing during surge to support community needs

UC Santa Cruz | December 15, 2020 UCSC has become an integral part of how our community responds to COVID-19." With COVID-19 cases surging, the Colligan Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory is processing an increasing number of tests to identify COVID-19 infections in the...

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The module that I recorded for the CDC’s #SARSCoV2 genomic epidemiology toolkit just went live! Check out all of the modules here: https://www.cdc.gov/amd/training/covid-19-gen-epi-toolkit.html

Join us Wednesdays, Winter Quarter 2021, for a Genomics Science Seminar Series! Up next: Olena Morozova Vaske, PhD, DABMGG, UCSC Ass't. Prof. MCDB, Colligan Presidential Chair in Pediatric Genomics, presents Comparative RNA sequencing analysis for children with cancer.

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Haplotype-aware variant calling enables high accuracy in nanopore long-reads using deep neural networks https://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.03.04.433952v1 #biorxiv_bioinfo

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