By Richard Hughey, Computer Engineering Dept, UCSC

Biomolecular engineering’s Nader Pourmand is profiled in a Bio-IT world article discussing the third-generation sequencing company ION Torrent Systems.

Inventions of Pourmand, Stanford professor Ron Davis, and colleagues have led to a method of sequencing genomes with a CMOS chip, a technology that, as with computers, could lead to extraordinarily inexpensive devices.

In the article, Professor Pourmand indicates the disruptive affects these advances will have not just on biology and medicine, but also on education, by enabling high school and middle school students to work with genome sequencing.

With Ion Torrent still in stealth mode, details are sparse, but many await the sold out February 27 talk of Jonathan Rothberg, founder of Ion Torrent, entitled “Post-Light Sequencing with Semiconductor Chips”.