Leighton Schneider | WCSJ News | Mar 19, 2020

(LOS ANGELES) — Former California homicide detective Roxane Gruenheid had helped put a murderer behind bars, and yet, there was something about the suspect that nagged at her — something in his murky past that told her this wasn’t the end of his story.

It was 2003. The killer, who by then was known to authorities as “Curtis Kimball,” stunned the court when he suddenly stood up at a pre-trial hearing and announced he wanted to plead guilty to murdering Eunsoon Jun.

Jun was a 44-year-old California chemist he had been dating before she disappeared and her dismembered body was found in her Richmond, California, home. Kimball had originally pleaded no contest to a second-degree murder charge. He had also first told police his name was “Larry Vanner,” and they knew he had also used the name “Gordon Jenson.”

Gruenheid, a former captain for the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office who is now retired, had helped uncover the body. She couldn’t stop thinking about how this man — a proven liar — had already served time on child abandonment charges for deserting a little girl he called his 5-year-old daughter Lisa, 15 years prior.

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