Genomics Courses & Seminars

Below are a sampling of genomics-related course titles and descriptions that have been offered at UC Santa Cruz. Genomics course and seminar offerings are subject to instructor availability and change with each quarter, so please check department catalogs for the latest UCSC course offerings in genomics.


Engineering Department Programs & Courses

Genomics-related course descriptions offered by the The Jack Baskin School of Engineering:


Physical & Biological Sciences Department Programs & Courses

Genomics-Related Course Descriptions offered by the Physical & Biological Sciences Division:

  • The Human Genome, Biology 80H
    This course focuses on understanding the human genome, is accessible to non-science majors, and covers principles of human inheritance and techniques used in gene analysis. It explores the evolutionary, social, ethical, and legal issues associated with knowledge of the human genome.
  • Topics in Ancient DNA and Paleogenomics, BIOE 281S
    This seminar covers topics in population genetics and genomics, focusing on work involving paleontological and archaeological material. Students critique recent publications, and present weekly written and oral reports of their research projects.

Department of Sociology Programs & Courses