Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) of Genomics Courses & Seminars

Below are sampling of genomics-related course titles and descriptions that have been offered at UC Santa Cruz. Genomics course and seminar offerings are subject to instructor availability and change with each quarter, so please check department catalogs for the latest UCSC course offerings in genomics.

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Genomics-related course descriptions offered by The Jack Baskin School of Engineering:

Genetics-Based Discrimination

Knowledge of the human genome can pose risks as well as benefits for society. Among the shorter-term risks are the specter of discrimination in employment and health insurance based on genetic information and the possibility that certain groups in society will be stigmatized based on higher incidence of particular versions of genes within these groups.

Beyond supporting legislation intended to address discrimination issues, we seek to involve a diverse array of societal groups in the process of developing and disseminating our new genetic knowledge. This is an exploration of all of the diversity and commonality of our human heritage. To help achieve this goal, we have applied for and received a supplement to our NHGRI grant that is specially designed to engage individuals from underrepresented groups in our research and educational mission.

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