Academic Resources

The Genomics Institute is currently housed under the Jack Baskin School of Engineering (SOE), which facilitates the undergraduate and graduate curricula for bioinformatics and biomolecular engineering.

Prospective genomic studies applicants should visit UC Santa Cruz Admissions for  information concerning the application process and academic resources to help them meet the entrance requirements.

For resources, information and academics guidance on the School of Engineering’s undergraduate policies or curriculum charts, visit Undergraduate Advising. For resources and information regarding graduate programs in bioinformatics and bioengineering, visit the Biomolecular Engineering Department. UCSC School of Engineering graduate students can visit Graduate Advising.

Beyond the programs offered through the Jack Baskin School of Engineering, the Genomics Institute collaborates with UCSC’s Division of Physical and Biological Sciences (PBSci) and Division of Social Sciences to facilitate interdisciplinary academic curricula across campus. For an extensive list of these offerings see Degree Programs or visit the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences.

Prospective students should visit UC Santa Cruz Admissions for information concerning the application process and entrance requirements.