BD2K Summer U​P​ 2017 Speaker Series
Speaker: ​C. Brandon Ogbunu, PhD
​University of Vermont

On Complex Systems: Coffee, Genes and Memes
Friday, July 2​8​, 2017
11:00am – 12:00pm
Biomed 200
All are welcome!

The modern world is defined by phenomenon composed of interacting parts that combine and create unexpected and unpredictable outcomes. New breakthroughs in the quantitative sciences, and in particular the “complex systems” perspective, are enriching our view of the world, and have provided a new lens through which we can study complicated phenomenon.

In this seminar, I discuss how the relevance of the “complex systems” perspective is far-reaching, from economics to sports, politics, culture and science. To drive home this point, I introduce a new metaphor for understanding interactions between the objects in a complex biological system — “inheritance coffee” — and relate it to central problems in our modern understanding of genes, mutations and disease.

This public presentation is hosted by the UCSC Genomics Institute
BD2K Summer Undergraduate Research Training Program

Biomedical Sciences
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