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Ignite your career at the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute: Begin a new job as a software engineer, bioinformatician, computational biologist or data analyst. And when you live and work in Santa Cruz, you’ll enjoy the best of California.

Looking for a software job, tech job or research position in Santa Cruz?

Do you have a degree in computer science and computer programming skills in Python? Work in tech, software, research at UC Santa Cruz!

Work at the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute, and seize the opportunity with the folks who published the human genome to the internet. We’re innovators in computational genomics, bioinformatics, creating software to manage genomic data and using computers to help cure cancer. This, plus all the benefits of working in Santa Cruz at the University of California. Join us! Apply at the links below.

Clinical Laboratory Scientist, UCSC Molecular Diagnostic Lab | Job ID: 10302 | APPLY

Senior Human Resources Generalist | Job ID: 11518 | APPLY

Grants Management Specialist | Job ID: 11511 | APPLY

Program Manager, CGP | Job ID: 10411 | APPLY

Project Manager | Job ID: 9973 | APPLY


Academic Positions, Including Postdoctoral Scholars and Graduate Students

UC Santa Cruz and UC Riverside are jointly creating a new Earth Futures Institute with the goal of initiating humankind’s first serious discussion  of where Earth and humankind are headed, both now and in the far future. We seek the first Earth Futures Postdoctoral Fellow, who will play a key role in founding the Center and shaping its programs. This two-year appointment is a unique opportunity for a curious, questing individual seeking a fulfilling and broadening career experience.

Candidates must have a PhD in science, social science, or engineering, but previous experience across multiple fields, including the arts and humanities, business, government, and communications media is also very much valued . See the job posting for details.

The mission of the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative of the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute is to defeat every child’s cancer by harnessing and sharing the world’s genomic data. The Treehouse is seeking a postdoc. PhDs interested in a postdoc positions focusing on the genomics of pediatric cancer should email a cover letter and CV to David Haussler.

The Computational Genomics Lab and Computational Genomics Platform group are always looking for talented students pursuing Master’s or PhD degrees and seeking software or tech jobs in Santa Cruz. Information about application deadlines, procedures, and fellowships that are available for graduate students through UC Santa Cruz can be found on the following pages:

Please send a resume and brief cover letter describing your research interests and career goals to Benedict Paten.

The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute invites applications for a Research Scientist. Under the supervision of Benedict Paten, the Research Scientist will lead the Computational Genomics Platform (CGP), a group within UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute of a substantial and diverse engineering team of data analysts and software engineers. Apply now:

The Stuart Lab Systems Biology Group of the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute seeks a postdoctoral scholar to join us as we take the next steps in predicting the consequences of genetic states on human health. Help develop models to predict the impact of mutations in human cells and tissues; use data-driven approaches to identify and characterize genetic networks, investigate how they’ve evolved, and then use them to simulate and predict cellular behavior.

Learn more at and apply here.

Passionate about paleo, evolutionary, population or ecological genomics? The Shapiro, Green, and Corbett-Detig labs at UC Santa Cruz are hiring SIX postdoctoral fellows. This cluster hire will bring in a cohort of fellows to collaborate on several projects in the Evolutionary Genomics. Learn more! 

Student Jobs: Undergraduate Student Research Jobs in Genomics

Undergraduate Student Research 
Seize this rare opportunity, and become an undergraduate assistant for Dr. David Haussler.  Apply here.

The Computational Genomics Laboratory (CGL) of the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute offers undergraduate research assistant positions to qualified students. Paid positions, volunteer internships and course credit are available. These undergraduate student research positions at UC Santa Cruz are a fantastic way for students to learn new skills and contribute to the advancement of genomic science. Programming skills are a must.

Please complete the following form. If selected, be prepared to complete a short programming challenge and interview. We will review every applicant, but due to volume we may not be able to respond directly to your application.

All undergraduate research assistants will be required to informally present a very brief update on their accomplishments at the CGL monthly group meeting. It’s a great way to meet other researchers and become familiar with their work. Research assistants receiving course credit will also be required to make an oral or poster presentation at the end of the quarter.

Current UC Santa Cruz undergraduate research assistants will be given preference when offering summer internships to students. We also welcome applications from highly qualified non-UC Santa Cruz students for summer positions.

Exciting Careers in Genomics

UCSC Genome Browser Jobs

The UCSC Genome Browser is not only a cornerstone of bioinformatics but is also a driver of innovation in the field. Our team strives to ensure the highest quality of a persistently expanding wealth of tools for an international user base of researchers as well as to create novel avenues for the sharing, analysis and exploration of a growing world of genomic data.

Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative
The Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative is forging new footholds in the battle against pediatric cancer by establishing a platform for the massive comparison of a growing database of individual children’s cancer genomic data and cross-referencing that with more than 10,000 previously sequenced tumors. Our team collaborates with a large cohort of clinicians to turn this information into targeted treatment for each child’s cancer.

Computational Genomics Labs Jobs
The Computational Genomics Lab (CGL) and Computational Genomics Platform (CGP) are composing and standardizing novel computational methods for the effective processing, efficient storage, secure sharing and an improved accuracy of genomic data. Our team utilizes computational and mathematical concepts in the creation of tools, software and platforms to address questions on the horizons of biology.

The Haussler-Salama Lab
The Haussler-Salama Lab at the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute is a cornerstone of modern genomics dedicated to researching the interface of mathematics, computer science, and molecular biology. Research here contributes to the emerging field of precision medicine, which holds great promise in the fight against disease.

Systems Biology Group (Stuart Lab)
The Systems Biology Group is designing and utilizing computational tools to investigate the complex systems relating genetic information and patterns of gene expression at the level of the cell and in the organism as a whole. Our team strives to translate these findings into useful clinical insights, particularly with regards to tumorigenesis and cancer.

When the UCSC Genome Browser group was asked what they loved most about working on the Genome Browser team (August 2020), here is the word cloud that resulted.
Research Work At Haussler-Salama Lab, UC Santa Cruz
Genomics Institute
Research Work at The Stuart Lab / Systems Biology Group, UC
Santa Cruz Genomics Institute
Research Work At Haussler-Salama Lab & IBSC | Institute for
the Biology of Stem Cells, UC Santa Cruz

Working at UC Santa Cruz

Meaningful Work. Plus, You Can Surf At Lunch!

Named as one of the globe’s top 50 universities, UC Santa Cruz is famous for its commitment to undergraduate instruction and its world-class campus facilities.

UC Santa Cruz was ranked as fourth most influential research university in the world in 2016. The finding came after Times High Education analysed the citations in 11.9 million research publications issued from 2011 to 2015.

Our genomics research plays a big part in UC Santa Cruz’s global reach.

Achievements at UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute include the UCSC Genome Browser, the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative, and UCSC Xena — which visualizes functional genomics data from multiple sources simultaneously.

The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute is investigating broad-reaching questions and is producing groundbreaking results. We are looking for a diverse group of scientifically rigorous researchers who have a keen interest in the natural world and the possibilities of innovative technology.

Looking for a rewarding research, software or tech job in Santa Cruz? Visit UC Santa Cruz’s employment pages for academic positions or jobs pages for UCSC staff positions.

Living in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz residents enjoy the area’s natural beauty and mild climate. Situated on Monterey Bay, a marine sanctuary, Santa Cruz is just 40 minutes from Silicon Valley and surrounded by redwood forests, the Santa Cruz mountains and rich agricultural land.

UC Santa Cruz staff and students appreciate the year-round access to the California outdoor lifestyle. Hiking, mountain biking, surfing and paddling are popular activities here.

More than half of UC Santa Cruz campus is designated as protected natural landscape. Close to lecture halls and libraries, the UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserve is used for environmental studies. For our staff and students, nature is truly an integral aspect of campus life.

Its rich history, lively food and cultural scene, and organic farmers markets make the city a great place to live and work. A short commute to work at UC Santa Cruz means all the more leisure time to enjoy this fabulous corner of California.

Does Santa Cruz sounds like a place you’d like to live and work in? Visit our Employment pages for academic positions or Jobs pages for staff positions.

Natural Bridges State Park, photo by Vadim Kurland.
Downtown Santa Cruz, California from Mission Hill, photo by Aaron Brick.
Santa Cruz shore, photo by Egor Shitikov.

Committed to Diversity

We are committed to involving all people—regardless of race, class, and gender—in our genomics-related research. Learn more

Equal Employment Opportunity

UCSC is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. The Genomics Institute is committed to the UCSC goal of creating an intellectually and socially diverse campus culture. Women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans are encouraged to apply. We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.
Non-Discrimination Policy
Sexual Violence Prevention & Response

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