SANTA CRUZ >> Dan Heller has a swatch of carpet samples leaning against a chair in his office. The CEO of Two Pore Guys, a biotech company, is gearing up for the company’s accelerated growth. The company just expanded the office space to 16,000 square feet and plan on doubling that space by year’s end. While the company is at 72 employees now, executives are forecasting 100 by the end of the year and 200 by June.

The company is looking to fill positions across the board, including for departments that don’t exist yet, Heller said.

“Biotech is easier here because of the school,” he said, referring to UC Santa Cruz.

The biotech startup recently raised $24.5 million in venture capital and is the one of the latest examples of a biotech business that is on the verge of an expected boom.

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