The Genomics Institute, based out of the Baskin School of Engineering, recently moved from its campus offices to the Westside Research Park at 2300 Delaware Ave. (Photo by Steve Kurtz)

The Westside Research Park, the new name for buildings at 2300 Delaware Ave., is home to a growing number of laboratories as well as the Genomics Institute

James McGirk | UCSC | November 06, 2019

Just beyond the strange, wonderful tidepools of Natural Bridges State Beach, another biological bonanza is taking shape. The westside of Santa Cruz, once home to factories producing gum, tea, and computer chips, is transforming into a biotechnology hub.

Some of the latest startups, powered by the research strength of UC Santa Cruz, are focused on cracking some of the world’s most difficult problems—figuring out a better way to pack products for shipment across the world, creating new ways to fight infection to reduce the use of antibiotics, and developing innovative drugs to help combat cancer.

Driving along the westside, the transformation can be seen in by the appearance of sleek electric vehicles parked around old warehouses and the sudden blossoming of chic coffee houses, high-end breweries and a New Leaf grocery store. Lycra-clad joggers get in some miles during their lunch breaks.

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