Dan White | UCSC | April 28, 2021

Banana Slugs showed off their creativity and adaptability during last week’s all-virtual Alumni Week, a celebration that made the most of its online format and featured more than 70 live events from April 19–25. 

Sure, it’s nice to hug former roommates, sit down for a picnic lunch at Quarry Plaza, and hoist some craft-brewed pints in the newly restored Quarry Amphitheater. But this year’s Alumni Week revelers didn’t have to scramble for parking, or jog-walk around the notoriously hilly and forested campus to get from one event to the other. 

This time around, attendees could take in just about everything, from a thought-provoking conversation about the afterlife of slavery with writer and scholar Saidaya Hartman, to a discussion with biomolecular engineer Ed Green about solving a 150-year-old San Francisco mystery by using cutting-edge DNA techniques he’s developed.

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