Academic, Foundation, Government & Industry Affiliations

The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute collaborates with partners in academics, foundations, government, and industry. These associations are involved with several projects in various fields of research.

These relationships support our mission to unify, share and use genomics information around the world. Following this path, our partners and supporter can help develop and share data-backed, life-saving treatments and advance environmental conservation through genomics analysis and research.

UC Santa Cruz Affiliations

The Genomics Institute brings faculty and staff from UCSC’s Division of Physical and Biological Sciences (PBSci), the Jack Baskin School of Engineering (SOE), and UCSC’s Division of Social Sciences together. Collectively, they aim to create advanced technologies and accessible genomics platforms.

Activities that support our mission range from biomedical research & training and biosensor & biotechnology development to studies in paleogenomics. They take place in the Genomics Institute.

The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute keeps affiliations and partnerships with the following UCSC divisions, departments, and university organizations:

University of California Partnerships

The Genomics Institute is a proud partner with UC Berkeley and UCSF in the following:

Foundation, Institution Affiliations & Funding

The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute and the Haussler-Salama Lab receive generous funding for our research and staff from key private and public foundations and institutes. Our work has been supported to date by more than $150 million in federal, state and private extramural research funding from foundations and institutions including:

    Industry & Technology Licensing

    The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute develops and maintains mutually beneficial relationships through research collaborations and seminars.

    Working with the UCSC Genome Bioinformatics Group, OpenHelix provides UCSC Genome Browser training content from their website.

    The following companies contribute data and knowledge to the UCSC Genome Browser:

    Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF)
    Agilent Technologies
    Microsoft Research