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Our Advisory Committee

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Charge for the Genomics Institute ORU Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to make recommendations and/or provide key information and materials to the Genomics Institute’s Scientific Director in relation to the strategic operations and development of the ORU. The Committee advises and supports the Genomics Institute leadership in the formulation of objectives, policies and programs, including review of Genomics Institute activities and recommending changes in direction and emphasis as well as new programs of action.

The Advisory Committee may serve as an advocate for the organization to the community it serves, gather input from/serve as a liaison with relevant constituencies, provide feedback to the organization from the community, provide technical expertise, provide an independent/unbiased sounding board, and assist staff in determining important activities. The Advisory Committee may also contribute to the mission and purpose of the Genomics Institute, articulating the goals, means, and primary constituents to be served by it, ensuring effective planning, monitoring and strengthening of programs and services, ensuring adequate financial resources, and enhancing the ORU’s public standing.

Responsibilities of the Genomics Institute ORU Advisory Committee

  • Encourage interdisciplinary faculty and graduate student participation in the activities of the Genomics Institute and promote close articulation of the Genomics Institute’s programs with teaching departments and centers, institutes and ORUs in related fields.
  • For UCSC faculty Advisory Committee members: Meet up to 4 times during the calendar year at the call of the Chair and in consultation with the Genomics Institute Scientific Director.
  • For ex officio external members: participate in committee meetings once a year, with UCSC faculty Advisory Committee members, at the call of the Chair and in consultation with the Genomics Institute Scientific Director.
  • Based on the Genomics Institute’s annual report, provide a brief addendum report of the Genomics Institute’s health, including research relevance, culture, and budget, and a review of the Genomic Institute’s intellectual contribution to UC Santa Cruz’s research enterprise, upon request of the chancellor.
  • Provide a perspective on the Genomic Institute’s intellectual contribution to UC Santa Cruz’s research enterprise, to be included in the unit’s 5-year Review.
  • In the event of a Director search, make nominations to a search committee. In the event of a reappointment case, make recommendations to the chancellor.


The Advisory Committee will consist of faculty from across divisions at UCSC whose aim is to advance genomics research at UCSC. The Advisory Committee Chair will be appointed by the chancellor and a Vice Chair will be drawn from the faculty members on the committee. The Secretary shall be the Executive Director of the Genomics Institute. In addition, the Advisory Committee shall include ex officio external members, who are appointed by virtue of their role as leaders in genomics research at partner institutions.

    Period of Service

    Advisory Committee members, other than the Chair, serve for a two-year term, which may be renewed no more than two times. After serving three consecutive terms, members may be reappointed to the committee following a two-year gap in service. If a committee member resigns, the Advisory Committee Chair, Genomics Institute Scientific Director and the chancellor should be notified as soon as possible so that a replacement can be appointed.

    Role of the Genomics Institute ORU Advisory Committee Chair

    The Chair serves a three-year term, with possibility for reappointment, and is responsible for overseeing the responsibilities of the committee and consulting with the Genomics Institute Scientific Director and leadership group as well as the chancellor on the unit’s behalf.

    Responsibilities of the Genomics Institute Director relating to the Genomics Institute ORU Advisory Committee

    • Nominate Advisory Committee members, drawn from affiliated faculty and external experts.
    • Report membership and Chair updates to chancellor.
    • Meet with the Advisory Committee on a regular basis.
    • Seek advice from the Advisory Committee on emergent issues.

    Decision Making

    The Advisory Committee communicates advice and recommendation to the Genomics Institute Scientific Director either on an individual recommendation level or by way of the committee’s overall vote. The type of communication selected (individual or vote) is decided by the Chair of the Advisory Committee, typically at the time of discussion.

      Conflict of Interest

      In order to avoid any potential conflict of interest, all members of the Advisory Committee are reminded that the recommendations and advice provided by the committee are governed by an overriding requirement of honesty, good faith, and fiduciary responsibility.

      A conflict of interest exists when a member has a material, research or financial interest in a matter under review or consideration by the Advisory Committee. A conflict of interest may also exist in situations in which there is an appearance that a member is acting in his or her own interests rather than the best interests of the ORU, has the ability to exercise undue influence over the Genomics Institute leadership, or is receiving favorable treatment by the Genomics Institute because of his or her affiliation with the ORU.

      Committee members are obligated to disclose the existence of any actual, potential, or perceived conflict of interest to the committee and the Scientific Director, and to remove themselves from discussions or decisions that relate to the conflict of interest. The Advisory Committee Secretary is responsible for recording and noting actions taken by the Advisory Committee to manage a conflict of interest. When necessary these actions may be recorded in Advisory Committee meeting minutes, which are approved by the Chair.