Spin-off Companies

Research conducted by scientists from the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute have led to the development of new companies. As a result, these organizations specialize in genomic processing and analysis. Here is a sampling of our most recent spin-offs:

Five3 Genomics

Algorithms processing and analyzing genome sequences

Maverix Biomics

Advanced biological analysis available for numerous types of organisms.


Commercialized biomarker detection technology for medical use.

DoveTail Genomics

In vitro binding approach simplifying genomic analysis with the help of high quality genomic information and data processing.

Two Pore Guys

Affordable, compact, and quality nanopore technologies for genome processing and medical diagnostics.


BioStinger, co-founded in 2014 by single-cell analysis authority Professor Nader Pourmand, and acquired in December 2019 by Yokogawa Electric Corporation, BioStinger technology is able to target specific locations inside individual cells, enabling the injection of target substances such as genes or drugs and the extraction of intracellular materials. The low invasiveness of this technology to cells enables more detailed analysis of live single cells, organelles, and cytoplasmic components.

Intellectual Property Licensing

The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute has contributed intellectual property (IP core) to Oxford Nanopore Technologies (UK)The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute seeks to develop additional industry partnerships.

Learn more about how we support the quantitative biosciences industry by visiting QB3 at UCSC.

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