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The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute is investigating broad-reaching questions and is producing groundbreaking results. We are looking for a diverse group of individuals who embody respect and wonder for life, the disruptive innovation of the Silicon Valley and love for the rigor of scientific research.

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Exciting Work

Genome Browser
The Genome Browser is not only a cornerstone of bioinformatics but is also a driver of innovation in the field. Our team strives to ensure the highest quality of a persistently expanding wealth of tools for an international user base of researchers as well as to create novel avenues for the sharing, analysis and exploration of a growing world of genomic data.

Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative
The Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative is forging new footholds in the battle against pediatric cancer by establishing a platform for the massive comparison of a growing database of individual children’s cancer genomic data and cross-referencing that with more than 10,000 previously sequenced tumors. Our team collaborates with a large cohort of clinicians to turn this information into targeted treatment for each child’s cancer.

Computational Genomics Lab
The Computational Genomics lab is composing and standardizing novel computational methods for the efficient storage, secure sharing and an improved accuracy of genomic data. Our team utilize computational and mathematical concepts in the creation of tools to address questions mechanism on the horizons of biology.

Systems Biology Group (Stuart Lab)
The Systems Biology Group is designing and utilizing computational tools to investigate the complex systems relating genetic information and patterns of gene expression at the level of the cell and in the organism as a whole. Our team strives to translate these findings into useful clinical insights, particularly with regards to tumorigenesis and cancer.

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Committed to Diversity
We are committed to involving all people—regardless of race, class, and gender—in our genomics-related research. Learn more

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