About Our Diversity Committee


The UCSC Genomics Institute Diversity Committee was formed in June 2020 to critically assess the practices, research ethics, and culture of the Genomics Institute, and to develop recommendations for strategic actions that minimize bias and foster the creation of a more diverse and inclusive organization. 

The committee is comprised of staff, faculty, research staff, and students. Meet the members here. Our role is to work collaboratively with the GI leadership, other members of the GI, and the broader UCSC campus in order to take meaningful action toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive research community. Learn more about our committee at our Institute website here.

Why DEI is important for the Genomics Institute

  • The people that make up the GI are our greatest asset. We must do better to ensure that underrepresented members of our community, particularly those who are Black, Indigenous, or otherwise people of color (BIPOC), feel respected and valued.
  • DEI improves innovation and creates impactful research.
  • Genomics research has a history of systemic racism and bias. As leaders of the field, we have a responsibility to dismantle this legacy.


In Fall 2020, the committee held its first organization-wide meeting to review proposals and set metrics for success. The committee is working on short- and long-term strategies for change, such as reinforcing fair hiring practices, creating incentives for promoting diversity, and creating a digital bootcamp to train more diverse individuals in genomics research.

Learn more

UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute personnel and affiliates – including student workers & researchers, postdocs, staff, investigators and faculty affiliates — who are committed to driving efforts to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in genomics research are invited to get involved. If this describes you, please join us! You will be directed to our Committee website.